Case Studies

Cement Unit Refurbishment

'Aiken Group have recently been engaged by one of our multinational clients to complete the refurbishment of a cement unit and the associated mixing skid and bin. 

The project involved the stripping, refurbishment, replacement or upgrade of various components and the recoating of the general structure, engine blocks and other corrosion risk items. 

Delivered on time and within budget constraints, this complex piece of equipment showcases Aiken Groups ongoing ability to adapt and deliver a wide range of engineering based projects.'

Cement Unit Refurbishment

Works were completed by a site based team working in the port of Dundee to better service client mobilisation requirements. 

2-7.1 & 2-7.3 Offshore Shipping Container Engineering

2-7.1 & 2-7.3 Offshore Shipping Container Engineering

Structural Engineering & Design to DNV2.7-1 certification for 2 types of offshore containers used for shipping high pressure and drill equipment.


Offshore Shipping Container Engineering

- 10te MGW container sized  L6.3m x W4.0m X D1.5m

- 13te MGW container sized  L6.3m x W5.0m X D1.5m

- 50te MGW container sized  L13m x W2.5m X D2.5m


WELHAB Pressure Guard
Kittiwake platform

WELHAB Pressure Guard on the Kittiwake platform


Module pressure with door open and no pressure guard – 20Pa

Module pressure with door closed and no pressure guard – 99Pa

Module pressure with door open and pressure guard fitted – 94Pa